Kindness day

Polish school of Zabreze


On 5th December 2019 class 1cg under the supervision of the school psychologist organised the Kindness Day. The aim of this day was to show the school community that it is important to be kind, nice and friendly to one another as it makes life much easier and pleasant. Posters with positive and nice quotations where hung around the school. Students had “nice” tasks to do e.g. give somebody a hug, smile at somebody, say something nice to a person they don’t know. All the people at school could vote for the most friendly and nicest class and students could vote for the kindest teacher at school.


Moreover, students brought toys which will be given seriously ill children with cancer and heart problems who have to stay in hospital. Students also prepared Christmas cards for those children.

Job creation skills

In our school all students have regular classes connected with career guidance during which

they discuss issues like job and educational markets or jobs needed in the future. They also do

psychological tests and quizzes connected with their hobbies, job interests and character

features which are aimed at helping them to choose the right direction of studies. During these

lessons students learn how to deal with stress and changes in life and how to communicate

and solve conflicts in a group. All first-grade students had the opportunity to do a test which

helped them to choose the subjects which they will be taught at the extended level in next

school year.

If anybody feels the need they can talk to the teachers responsible for the career guidance and

get some personal advice on making decisions about their career choice and further education.

Our school also cooperates with Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa (Katowice Business

University) in Katowice and Politechnika Śląska (Silesian Technical University) in Gliwice.

There are regular meetings organised for students with the lecturers and professors who

describe the courses organised at these universities and talk about projects which take place


National Art Competition Castles and Palaces in Poland

This spring the students from our school took part in a national art competition entitled “Castles and Palaces in Poland” which was organized by Powiatowy Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury in Będzin. The students were supposed to show a Polish castle or a palace using a technique of their choice. They could draw a sketch, paint a picture, engrave or make a sculpture.

The aim of this competition was to awake creativity in children and make children active in an artistic way as well as develop their artistic sensitivity and give them the possibility to exchange their artistic experiences.

“Castles and Palaces in Poland”

The student from our school who prepared the 3D picture of the castle  Krzyżtopór won the first prize in the national art competition “Castles and Palaces in Poland” in her age category.


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