On the 17 of October, within our Erasmus+ program, children of the school had the chance to take a guided tour around the old Kaimakli area. They visited the local church, the Kaimakli renovated square, and old coffee shops of the area. They admired the renovated houses and they visited the inside of one of these houses. They walked the old narrow roads of Kaimakli with the early 20th century doors.  They also walked on the old train rails explaining why they are there, and why they are no longer in use. The saw an ice-cream factory.

They also walked near the UN “Green zone” which separates the Cyprus Democracy from the Turkish occupied area of Nicosia. 

After the tour they participated in a hand-weaving workshop, after witnessing the traditional way of weaving with the loom. 

You can see pictures of their work, and also of their tour on our website.

More children will have the same experience on the 31st of October. (They can’ t wait).

On the 17th of October the children participated in a weaving workshop. The firstly saw work of the artist and also traditional woven items. They saw how the loop would work and they talked to the artist. Then they had the chance to weave themselves.


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