The Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Sibiu was built  in 1904.The exterior is in red and yellow brick. The spacious nave is bordered by smaller spherical roofs and four towers: two smaller octagonal ones, and two larger ones near the entrance with a square base that becomes octagonal in the bell area.


The ends of the towers are shaped like double bulbs, with a skylight in the centre. The main entrance is through a portico with three semicircular doors.


Behind this and between the main towers is an ample semicircular vestibule with a similarly-shaped stained-glass window, while the outside is decorated with round mosaics showing Jesus and the Four Evangelists.


The cathedral is 53.10m long and 25.40m wide in the centre, the dome 24.70m high (34.70m on the exterior) and 15m in diameter, while the spires are 43m high (45m including the crosses).